Monday, February 06, 2006

Steelers WIN...

...but apparently many thought it was a boring game. I think they are all Seahawks fans, because there were some really cool moments. I mean, how many times does Randle El have to do that trick play where he throws before a team actually catches on to it?

Other than that, this weekend was fun in other ways.

Ski for Women
Tara and I did the Alaska Ski for Women at Kinccaid Park during the Super Bowl (which was being Tivoed of course). It's the largest women-only ski event in the US. There were 1300 skiers of all abilities, and many wore cool costumes. A group I saw was wearing volcano hats like Mt. Augustine. At the start, we did the wave a few times, and then were off. It was really cool to ski on warm snow, which makes you go much faster! Both of us made it, and I actually got my second wind and passed a few people on the way up the last hill. All in all, it was a great time!

Extreme Ironing, part 2
Frank and I also got all geared up to do our own ski waxing. You might think that this should be simple, but it requires a whole bunch of things, like a special iron and different papers and sticks of different materials. As a gadget and safety gal, I was in my element. Many of you will be suprised at this, but I actually picked up an iron, albeit not a clothing iron, and did all four sets of skis. Now my ironing quota is done for the month. Ha!

Ice storms and Tsunami Warnings
Last night, apparently there was an ice storm. What truly stinks is that the rain that followed has ruined our snow again and things are starting to look ugly as the dirt and grime begin to pop out of the snow. Ick. All the schools, including UAA, were closed today.

In addition, there was a little training snafu at the National Weather Service in Anchorage, when someone accidentally double-clicked an icon, sending a tsunami warning throughout the area. They are going to fix the software so that a tsunami warning is confirmed before sent. Good idea, I think :)

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