Friday, September 07, 2007

A "Delicate Situation"

I eat two breakfasts. And dessert. Every day.
I have hiccups all the time.
I am now dangerous in a supermarket due to my awkward body memory.
Sometimes I get pains in my kidneys I can't explain.
I crave grapefruit. Pink Grapefruit to be exact.
Oh, and I'm tired. Very tired.

Does this sound like a "delicate situation", as I heard someone describe it today? If you haven't guessed it or didn't know yet, I'm "officially" pregnant. Chicken (gender-neutral for the moment) is due to arrive during the ides of March 08 (for those of you who follow horoscopes, this makes Chicken a Pisces and a Rat).

We are very excited, and are quickly getting used to the idea of being parents, while I'm getting used to the great experiment that is now happening within me.

Anyways, I thought I'd let the Blog world know now that it's official, hopefully blogging will commence more now that we are all on the same page :)


subrosa said...

Congratulations (publicly)! ha ha... Pisces & Rat - very auspicious signs for children of a Scorpio/Dragon. Couldn't have planned it better, I would say. ;)

Steven said...

Wooohooo! Congrats to you both! Now "Uncle Steven" can shamefully spoil the child of yet another of his friends with quirky books that'll cause them to grow up to be writers, artists, or musicians...but not an architect. Definitely not. There's too many of us already...we're like mosquitos. Bzzzzz...