Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Have you heard that catchy Feisttune in the iPod commercials yet? The entire album is great. Happy Wednesday!

Four things to share today:
It's gettin' cold here!
Not that I don't love summer, but I find up here I am impatient during the "hump seasons" of fall and spring. This year, winter seems late so I was excited to feel the weather turning this week. In fact, the local farmers are conceding that frost should come sometime this week. Maybe Termination dust will be following soon???
Shaken, not stirred
We also had a 4.3 earthquake last afternoon, about 60 miles from Anchorage. It was shaky enough to cockyswabble our wall hangings. Basically the movement seemed directly north to south and lasted, it seemed to me, for a very long time. Frank, at work at UAA which I assume has all the earthquake proof acoutrements, did not feel a thing :)
Pregnancy Report
Yes, I am still pregnant. Everything is fine -- although I am unbelievably hungry all the time! I blame Chicken, especially for the cravings. Today, Chicken is begging for some Nilla Wafer bananna pudding and nachos. Neither is on the "Good Granola mommy list of things to eat while pregnant to insure optimal nutrition and minimal exposure to fast food/simple sugar which lead to a lifetime of obesity and junk food addiction". I also think it is a good idea today to buy supplies to make a bunch of layette clothes with my own two hands out of t-shirts, fabric paint and dye. For me and Chicken's sake, I hope this goes away. I went to my first pre-natal yoga today, which was fun. It was nice to see other pregnant women maneuvering gracefully (and sometimes not). An overachiever, I had to be reminded to chill out multiple times, but all and all a successful experience.
3) I am happily touched to be "number one on Anne's top 8". I'm not sure exactly what that means but I assume it's good?

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subrosa said...

:-) "Top 8" is referring to my myspace page, where you are indeed and not randomly number one. you're just so darn far away.