Thursday, September 13, 2007

When I grow up I want to be an Association Manager

...whatever that is.

Find out what your true calling is by going here and entering nycareers/landmark.

My top 20 were:
1) "Association Manager" -- A vague term for the one person who basically does it all for the operation of some "Association".
2) "Health Care Administrator": This one ALWAYS pops up for me.
3) "Project Manager": Ding!
4) "Computer Engineer": Ding!
5) "Operations Research Analyst": Ah, here's where my education went :)
6) "Management Consultant": See a pattern yet?
7) "Industrial Engineer": How about now?
8) "Electrical Engineering Tech": What's the difference between these two?
9) "Electronics Engineering Tech": ?
10) "Industrial Engineering Tech": This is where it gets weird
11) "Hotel Manager": Great!
12) "Cable Installer and Repairer": ...The cable gal!
13) "Optical Lab Technician": Kinda like the electrical engineering tech, but with eyes
14) "Massage Therapist": Huh?
15) "Logistics Specialist": Another one of those things I considered in school...
16) "Mathematician": My undergrad major only wound up being 16. I wonder if they have any majors for "Association Manager" yet?
17) "Ship's Crew": I'd much rather be the captain!
18) "Welder"
19) "Boilermaker": See, Mom, there's a reason I didn't go to Purdue!
20) "Computer Support Person": Obviously I like the computers but don't like to support them.

Anyways, have fun trying it yourself. Who knows, maybe you'll find a new career?

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