Friday, April 11, 2008

And for my next trick...

Look, I can hold stuff! So that's what these hands are for....

In other Kira news, we went swimming on Wednesday! Ok, well I went wading into the kiddie pool holding Kira. When I tried to get her into the water, she was pretty upset, but she loved be held near the water -- so much so that she fell asleep.

It was probably all for the better -- the swim diaper didn't fit her very well anyways. But next week, we are going to try again..this time with a swimsuit!
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Anonymous said...

Kira still looks like Daddy BUT a little more like her beautiful Mommy too. Her is such a smarty pants!


Grandma Mary

Anonymous said...

Not fair . . . she sleeps through the night? We had four years of the boys waking up 2 to 4 times a night. NOT FAIR... Let's go Kira. Show mommy and daddy you are a night owl.

Hope all is well. Grandma Madi really liked your book of Kira. It's sitting on the kitchen table in Towanda.

chaipo said...

Hi Doug --

Well, Kira must have read this :) Last night she decided to wake up every three hours! Argh!

I'm glad Grandma Madi liked the book!

Take care!