Thursday, April 03, 2008

For Your In-car-sideration...

Today I came upon a slew of inconsiderate drivers in Anchorage. I'm usually pretty calm about these things, but certainly today I just hit the jackpot.

It all started when I walked to my car after lunch to realize that some ginormous SUV had parked so cocky-swabbled and close to my driver side that I could not get the baby carrier into the car. So, I had to get the dog out of the car, crawl through the passenger side with a big old car seat, get the dog back in the car, wedge myself into the car, and drive off. As I'm wedging myself into the car, the SUV lady walks right past me, scales the Mt. Everest of her car, and drives off without any acknowledgement of the situation she put me through.

Then, as someone else was turning into the parking lot, I turned on the main road. As soon as I did that, a lovely suited gentleman in another huge SUV is on my bumper, honking, flicking me off and of course talking on his cell phone. He had flipped into my lane without turning on his signal while I was turning. Now granted, I am not getting a lot of sleep these days and fully acknowledge that I may be a slower-than-normal, but I don't think I was so slow to warrant such an awful response.

On a good note, at the next parking lot I went to, a raven was sitting on top of the car next to mine, picking at something on the top of the car. Now that was cute.

However, while I was trucking my baby carrier from the very back of the parking lot, I got to see a solo burly guy get into a huge SUV that was parked in the "Expectant mothers and families with small children" space. Argh.

Usually I find driving in Anchorage to very non-stressful and full of relaxed but generally friendly drivers. Frank found a poll that said 43% of Anchorage drivers at any time are on drugs -- maybe the lunch crowd today is taking a different cocktail than the normal afternoon crowd? If so, we should change their meds.

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