Sunday, April 06, 2008

Six Weeks!

Dear Kira --

You are six weeks old! Can you believe it? It went by so very quickly -- first, you were just a little peanut of a being, and now, you are more of a butternut squash-sized being who is starting to display a personality.

So far, you are not a morning person. Around 7:30am, you wake us up with a wail that seems impossible to come out of your little body. Your little eyes are scrunched up so tightly on your very angry face while your tiny fists are crunched up, and you remain that way until you are fed. Diaper changes, baths, and waking you up when you do not want to be woken up ellicit a similar response.

You like to be held as much as possible, and love to sit while mom and dad type on the computer. This is probably because it reminds you of the womb. Right now, you are leaning on my left hand while in your sling and making cooing sounds and grabbing for my hair. Closets, especially messy closets, are also fascinating to you probably due to the bright colors.

In particular, your favorite object (other than us) is the Matisse poster in our living room. You can stare at that for ten minutes at a time. Your second favorite thing is the skylight in the living room -- I suspect this will continue to be a source of interest especially since the sun is starting to interfere with bedtime.

You continue to sleep (mostly) through the night, with one feeding around 4am, although occasionally you decide to be wide awake at the 4am feeding. The problem is, you don't like sleeping in your crib and also sometimes want to stay up until 1am. Although I would prefer an earlier bedtime (like 9, please!), your dad and I are still very grateful for the sleep we do get, and realize it could be much much worse.

In the last week or so, you have learned how to smile and coo! It still is pretty infrequent, but when you do smile it is fantastic! You look so much like your daddy, especially in the eyes (and, as I usually joke, especially when you're angry :)).

The other big news this week is that you are consistently hitting things with your hands! You aren't grabbing yet, but the fact that you can hit things seems to please you very much.

Today, we finally let the nursery at church take care of you for an hour, since they have been begging for it. In the nursery, you proceeded to pee, spit up, and poop (a cornucopia of baby goo!) all over your clothes, requiring a complete change. Of course they didn't care because you were so gosh darn cute doing it :).

All in all, you are a good girl!


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Anonymous said...

Grandma loves you, Kira. Come visit soon!

Don't forget your Grandma because Grandma will NOT forget you!

Grandma Mary