Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kira update

Kira perfecting her Elvis impersonation
Kira's had a very exciting day! On Wednesday, she went back to the water park and sat in the water without crying once! In fact, she smiled at everyone and everything (especially the four year old that came up, touched her feet, and said "Where are the baby's socks?").

She also spent her first few hours at the neighbors (Thanks T!) while Frank and I went out to the opera. Miss K did us proud by being very very good and not throwing one fit.

Then, to top it off, she slept -- get this -- for six hours straight. That's after two nights of getting up every 3 hours, being irritable, and not sleeping hardly at all during the day.

Today, she is sleeping a lot, but in her awake moments, she did play with the bouncy chair (pictures in the gallery at the right) and also played with her keys, but this time, she suprised herself by putting them in her mouth. It sounds like a little thing to you or I, but it was pretty startling for Kira and I, since she's not supposed to be doing that for a while (I thought).

Now, we are off to the pediatrician for our six week visit!

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