Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The cost of stuff and Kira update

Juneau lost her power lines to the Dam last week, causing a five-fold increase in the cost of electricity to the town. In response:
"Now members of the Graves family eat dinner by candlelight, do dishes by hand, plan to dry their clothes on a rack by the wood stove, and limit their time on the computer."
Can you imagine what it's like? It's got me thinking about the amount of electricity we use on a daily basis, and what we'd do if we had something like this happen.

The price of food has really risen due to rising fuel costs -- ten percent during the first three months of this year. Luckily, if it stops snowing and raining, the farmers and families like us can start growing our own vegetables to keep costs down.

In Kira news...our little chicken slept for 8 HOURS last night! In total I got the most contiguous hours of sleep I have had in two months! Anyways, very exciting for the Moore household today, and almost makes up for the fact that it's snow/sleet outside today.

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