Friday, May 06, 2005

The best part of Detroit is...

Well, I'm back on my way to Anchorage after a week in Livonia Michigan. I cannot say I will miss much of Michigan. The training combined with the lovely Embassy Suites experience really brought me down.

The Livonia embassy suites had all sorts of problems. I had parts falling off my suite, and the cleaning lady threw away my first 3.50 bottle of water that I was rationing because the tapwater was icky. They also gave us bad directions to the gym, which they provide a shuttle to but only if you can order your shuttle a day in advance. Agh.

So far though, I am enjoying the Airport. I've been here for two hours and have two more hours to go, but it's actually quite pleasant, and am glad I am here and not in a gloomy hotel or something. The ceiling is very high, and there's an express tram that whooshes every once in a while. They have a great marble fountain with leaping water, and pretty good wireless. It also makes me feel like I'm with a bunch of people, eventhough I'm by myself :). Hey, they even have REAL CNN, not that airport version. Soon I will have to find something to eat, and there's apparently lots of choices for that too.

Once actually on a plane, I will have a lot of travel to find my way to Anchorage by 1:40 am ADT, which is, I believe, an 11 hour trip or so if you compensate for the vortex of air travel.

Excluding the airport (which is still quite nice), The best thing about this week is that I got to spend some real time with my teammates. Eventhough I believe that the technical innovations we have can bridge most physical gaps, sometimes one cannot put a price on face to face time.

Anyways, that's all for today. Now, this weekend's Mother's day, so wish my Mom a very wonderful Mother's day by visiting her site :). Mom has survived another year at Aurora as registrar, and I hear is quietly beta-testing Legacy, entertaining teens. Happy Mother's Day, Mom, I love you!

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Mary said...

I love you too, Laura LaRoughe.

Beta testing is just another word for exploring in unexpected places in a 3-D dynamic computer generated environment. They should pay me for this!