Saturday, May 07, 2005

Making a Mess, with Lori and Frank

Frank and I spent the day gardening and doing things around the house. We have a plan for a retaining wall garden, tree/lilac relocation, grass work, and an expansion of the garden existing in the back yard. We are calling it the great gardening extravaganza -- rightly so since we have procured 14 4x4x12 ft pressure-treated rail tiles to complete the fun!

So far we have completed "Phase 1", which includes much sod pulling and the expansion of the garden. The next phase is to extend the bed along the house to the gate (this is where the lilacs will be going). On Monday Lowes will deliver the 14 4x4s which is where the real challenge of the gardening extravaganza begins.

Anyways, below are the pictures so you can track the progress :).

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