Friday, May 20, 2005

Ten things Friday fun

A daily Meme on Professor Bainbridge includes "Ten things I have never done". Here's my list:

I have never...
10. Partaken of any illegal drug.
9. Jumped out of an Airplane, Bungee Jumped, or ridden on a Motorcycle. (anyone who knows me would guess this)
8. Been to South America, Asia, or Africa.
7. Seen Schindler's List (I do not like movies that will make me upset)
6. Run faster than a 7:00 mile
5. Eaten anything that still had a "face". Yuck.
4. Watched one episode of Everybody Loves Raymond.
3. Nevermind hunting, I've never even held a real gun.
2. Read Crime and Punishment past the first 20 pages.
1. Had a massage or a pedicure.

So there you go, kind of a measly list, but I guess I have done a lot of things :).

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