Tuesday, May 10, 2005

News from today

I know you all have been worried, but the Dog elections are official on Eggagog's site: "CONGRATULATIONS, DOG!! YOU ARE THE TOP DOG!! NOW YOU CAN DO THE AGENDA-ITEMS!!!". However a public relations disaster has occurred as dog mayor requires the firefighter dogs to wear roller skates, causing them to roll off the roof.

In Anchorage:
-- A pregnant moose and calf were attacked by a put bull and rottweiler on Saturday, pretty close to our house. It ended up badly for the moose, but even worse for the dogs, who were shot.

Moore News:
-- The extravaganza of gardening in our backyard is back on track, no thanks to Lowes. We've moved multiple trees, excavated sod, and cut pressure-treated wood with a dull hand saw. The results are very impressive, and I will take some pictures today.
-- In another round of "Seven habits of highly delusional people"... in order to get out of another round of intervals at the running team yesterday, I promised to do a triathlon on Sunday. Because I have been reading the Seven Habits book, I feel compelled to meet my own committments and run the race (habit 1 of course: be proactive, including taking responsibility for one's own committments). This is perhaps not the wisest thing to do, but I figure it is an ultimate test of my own optimism. I have not swum in quite a long while, but since the swim is done in a swimming pool, I am hoping someone would notice if I drowned. Cycled once, but since it's only a 10 mile route, I am hoping I can hang in there. In the case of running, well, the only question as usual is your definition of running. Wish me luck :)


Mary said...


Did you know that Steven Covey spoke at our College of Education Commencement ceremony on Saturday? Yes! And I saw him up close and personal too.

His speech was "ok" but I really liked the Pastor who spoke on Sunday AM Commencement better.


Mary said...

PS Good luck with the Triathalon!