Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Mayday for May Days and other stories

-- Anchorage is being invaded by the European Bird Cherry (aka May Day). Apparently, this tree is taking Anchorage by storm, out-competing other native plants. In Alaska, invasive plants are a big deal, since we have so many special species of plants here. Now, if only we could find something that would kill those dandilions....:)

Update: While driving to Exceed yesterday, I took special notice of European Bird Cherry trees. They are indeed everywhere you look, and are cramping out the other trees! There is one incredibly beautiful corner by the university that is not "invaded" yet, though. In the wind, you could see the trees (all types -- birches, alders, other trees I guess) shimmer. I wish I had gotten it on video because it is just an incredible sight. Although the May Day trees are beautiful, I will be sad if the native trees are truly overtaken like this.

--Save the Squid! Sitka anglers are finding California squid off of the harbor. Since no commerical license is required to hunt squid, many people are looking to cash in on the high price for these guys.

--Althouse is closely watching the government of Eugene, OR determine whether to ban "gender identity" discrimination. The most likely result if this is approved? Transgendered folks could use whatever bathroom they want. It sounds like a strange thing to be legislating, but it brings up a lot of different emotions in people. My opinion? Well, if you are transgendered and presenting as a woman, I'm cool with it. But a creepy guy saying he "identifies" with women and sitting in the women's bathroom? I don't like that idea as much. I'm hoping that attached to this bill is also one that extends the number of women's bathrooms required by code to over-accomodate the new influx.

-- Garden/House update: The garden area looks spectacular! We only have one more planter to go, and we will be completed. How about that for techies doing something practical? I'll send out some pictures once we get a sunnier day.

Also, while Frank was about to mow the lawn today, a moose and calf decided to walk down our street towards Lake Otis. Mom was all about safety, keeping the calf at bay. I half expected her to look both ways before crossing the street, but she instead decided to take the sidewalk (good move). Thank goodness the moose was not spooked by Frank, who quickly stopped trying to start the mower until they were gone.

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