Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Doctor is in...

Frank made his way back to Anchorage very last night, and his plane (#806, the same one that I took last week) came in a half hour early! By the time I got there, he had already found his bags, which was really great.

Smoke Detector Woes
Unfortunately, as we were both just falling asleep, one of the ($&#*&$ smoke detectors started binging. It has to be one of the detectors downstairs (there are 3 within a 5 ft radius), but I can't tell which one without camping out underneath them. Unfortunately, as soon as I got the battery and made my way downstairs, the darn thing stopped beeping. Perhaps I'll change all three and be done with it.

Return of the Birds
Then at 5:30 am, I woke up to the "hoot hoot hoot! hoot hoot hoot!" (in C, of course)of the birds and the honking of geese. I'm not sure if those are the geese coming back from their winter vacation, or the ones that were "training" around ANC until almost December.

Anyways, the itinerary of the weekend includes the Spring Carnival at Alyeska (I'm looking forward to the Slush Cup) and snow and/or rain. Agh!

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