Sunday, April 30, 2006

Safety Girl is a Punk!

Today, I woke up and put my skull and bones socks on. I made some super-extra strong coffee and forewent my "wussy" tea routine all day. For lunch, I had a lot of meat. And today I was not going to take any "lip" from anyone, even Galileo!

I'm living on the edge! A risk taker! A punk!

Why? Because I, formerly known as "Safety Girl", got a new mountain bike! In "black punk"! It has all this neat stuff on it like disk brakes, and you can bounce up and down on it like a pogo stick. The bicycle sales guy even called the bike "righteous"!

It's beautiful. It's massive, like a Hummer sitting next to my little delicate Celica of a road bike. A bit like two sides of my personality, sitting next to each other in the garage. It's aggressive, with scratchy punk words on it and HUGE knobby tires. It's righteous, as in "angelic", which is nice since it will be between me and the cold, hard ground. I will also try to figure out if it is "gnarly" or "awesome" as well by throwing myself down a few hills and seeing if I can avoid "endo-ing" or "breaking a leg".

Ruby (for "Righteous Babe") and I will have many adventures together, as soon as I get a really aggressive black jersey with some skulls and bones on it. Maybe I need some snakes for good measure too.

Off to ride!

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