Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday Recap

This week has not been a very good week, and today has in particular been quite unpleasant. However, on the bright side, I did make myself a fantastic omlette this morning with my new ScanPan cookware:
Pretty great, eh?

And Tuesday Night Torture...was a 2-mile time trial as I suspected. The first mile was pretty good, and the second, well, let's say it was not as good as the first :) . I spent that last mile off the back of the chase group and in front of the "derriere de la course" as Phil Liggett would say.

The sun doesn't go down now until about 10:30, and the sun rises early at about 5:30. The yard is already looking a bit green near the house, and our dreaded rhubarb that we try to kill every year is popping up again. So there is some significant evidence that it is finally turning out to be spring.

Hopefully I'll have more tomorrow, but here are a few good posts for today:
--Anne talks about her Easter day and family arguments
--lifehacker discusses work-induced ADD.
--John at Life in Alaska is in the mood for Spring and Ghosts...
--Apparently Chernobyl has become a bit of a bird paradise.
--Television without Pity is covering Doctor Who this season.

And I will leave you with a little "only in Alaska" moment...
Yesterday, I was in the car in rush hour and overheard this on the radio:
"On Benson, there is a brush fire in the abandoned parking lot near Minnesota. Please be ready to pull over for the fire trucks as they make their way over there. On Glenn Highway, there is a moose walking down the median near the Ft. Richardson exit. Please be careful -- you never know which way the he will go."

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