Monday, April 17, 2006

Project Gazelle Day 1

Since Frank is out of town this week, I've decided to go on a diet, so that I can run like the wind this year. Because restricting dietary intake makes me severly crabby, I like to do this when noone is around to witness the ugliness.

So lunchtime became grocery time for me, and I acquired enough vegatables to feed my normal self for two weeks. Lunch was a portabella "pizza" with mozzarella, tomatoes, oregano and hot pepper. Tonight might be difficult at Moose's Tooth, watching friends eat pizza and drink beer while I gnaw on some greens. Agh!

Tomorrow is running club day, aka Tuesday Night Torture. Word is, we will be doing "a little test", which sounds an awful lot like a time trial. I've done more running this year than last, so hopefully I will do better than limp in this year.

During Easter dinner, Tara and I have also decided to run the Gold Nugget again this year, which means I have to dust off the old aero bars and goggles for another 500ydS/10mB/4.1mR. Last year was not so great, so I feel motivated to put out a good showing before I age up in Oct.

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