Saturday, July 22, 2006


Six years, Six days, in 06...
Frank and I finally had our anniversary dinner today at the Winds Cafe in Yellow Springs. Frank and I shared a bottle of wine (Old Plains Cab...very very good), and had a really great meal. The lime-marinated Barramundi was just incredible, and the raspberry gateau with a brown sugar icing was just..phenomenal. If you are ever in Dayton Ohio, it's well worth your while to take a trip to Yellow Springs.

Did anyone watch the greatest single-day performance in Tour de France history on Thursday? Floyd Landis is a bike-riding monster!

There are very few things to me as comforting as sleeping through a thunderstorm. It's like nature's lullaby. I like the sound that the rain makes as it hits your window, the rolling thunder, and the flicker of light.

Have a great weekend!

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