Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday Antics

After a long day of being a playmate to Miss Scarlett, talking on the phone, and typing on the computer, Mom and I went to see a movie at an actual movie theater. The movie we chose was "The Devil Wears Prada"" with Meryl Streep.

Before we could get to the movie though, we had to watch about a half hour of commercials and previews. I had no idea how totally "out" of it I was until I saw the commercial for "ringbacks", which apparently is music that you can configure so people calling you on your cell phone can listen to Busta Rhymes or whatever while wating for you to answer your phone. Do we really need things like this? Is the normal "ring" so inconvenient for folks that we have to entertain them while they wait the extra 10s for you to pick up?

Anyways, the movie I thought was pretty good, although it lacks humor and ends without completely tying the loose ends or driving home the message, leaving the viewer kind of confused.

Befuddled, we left the theatre and went to Chili's across the street. As we came to the door, a young lady with a headset enthusiastically opened the door for us, gretting us with "HI! WELCOME TO CHILI'S! :) :) :)". I couldn't hear the smiley faces, but she was so perky you knew they were there. We followed her as she bounced over to a table, and told us "HERE YOU GO! ENJOY YOUR DINNER!!!! BOB WILL BE YOUR SERVER TONIGHT! :)!". Then Bob came by "HEY! WELCOME TO CHILI'S! HOW ARE YOU TWO LADIES DOING??? CAN I START YOU TWO OFF WITH ONE OF OUR FAMOUS MARGARITAS?". That was just the start of it. The flair in that restaurant was suffocating. I am a pretty relaxed gal and enjoy happy employees like everyone else, but even I was thinking "TONE IT DOWN :) :)!".

Today, we've had fun shopping. My parents have had a pretty awful wireless connection, so I got a new nerd puzzle to figure out in the form of a wireless router. It's working great...except for the fact that the Tivo refuses to recognize the new signal, which is making me very irritable. It was interfering with the White Sox game, so I stopped working on it for a bit.

Oh, yes, I know you were worried, but the White Sox are most definitely playing today. They are losing to the Red Sox, and we are in the 9th inning. So, this means we have to do all of the innings this time, which is unfortunate.

Have a happy weekend!

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MegaZone said...

As for TiVo's and WiFi - this was working before, correct? So you know the adapter on the TiVo is good.

Are you using WEP on the new router? If so, make sure you enter the key as *HEX* on the TiVo, using anything else is unreliable. And if you have MAC filtering on on the router make sure the TiVo'd MAC is allowed.