Thursday, July 27, 2006

What is Miss Scarlett Doing?

Today during one of my meetings, I found myself wondering what Miss Scarlett is doing today at the kitty spa?
She's probably not playing with a camera cap, but I like to think she is.

In other news, we had an awesome time on Sunday with Anne and Nic in Cincinnati. Anne and I have been friends since early in our freshman year at UK. I was washing clothes and getting ready to move from south to north campus, and Anne wanted to watch X-Men on the TV set. The rest is history. Nic is also awesome, and Anne and Nic together just multiply their own separate "awesomeness". Anne, you two are TOTALLY welcome any time to Anchorage!!!!

Yesterday, I got to go to Dave and Busters in Cincinnati with my work team. Did you know that there is a curling equivalent game called "Table Shuffleboard"? I am totally addicted and thinking about how I can make one in my house. The worst part about going to D&Bs was...THEY TOOK OUT BATTLE TECH!!!!! Can you believe it? My entire video-gaming world collapsed. Other than that, we played all sorts of insane games, from flying an airliner to shooting people to bowling on a ship (not as easy as it sounds). As usual, I was very bad at most of them but I really like playing all of them!!!!

This weekend, my little brother (who is not little by the way anymore of course) is getting married!!!! After the wedding, we fly back to the "Good Land" of Anchorage on Sunday.

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