Monday, July 03, 2006

Orange Ya Glad?

Why Illinois is Green
Today, Dad and I started the day with an early morning run to test his new personal GPS/heart monitor. It sounded like a great idea at the time -- it has been hot, and I have had trouble adjusting to the jungle-like conditions of the Midwest. However, it was not only hot, but by the time we turned around we were in a downpour. There's nothing like running three miles in wet and muggy clothes to make you run a negative split :).

Today, Mom took me out to Randall Road to reacquaint her daughter to the wonders of midwestern commercial goodness. Along this one road, you can just about buy anything you ever wanted, at any box store you ever thought existed.

After a lunch at Chipotles (YEA!), we went to Dick's Sporting Goods. Walking into the store was like stepping into another dimension. The store was two stories tall with a huge amount of techy merchandise, but they were playing the "hits" of my youth -- like MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice. No joke. I couldn't help it and had to do the Hammer dance (Stop! Hammer time!).

I got an entire orange hiking outfit, complete with hat. When I wear it, I kind of look like a creamsicle. No, I am not Dutch, but seriously, I've spent so much time in my life in black that I think it's time to balance my wardrobe out a bit. Unfortunately, I tend to have a one-color mind so orange will be the new black for a while. Plus, have you ever seen a sad creamsicle? Probably not.

Oh, and tonight we are watching -- suprise -- a baseball game. This one is the White Sox and the Orioles. The White Sox are not playing very well and are going to lose. The sad thing is I am starting to remember the names of guys, although I still get confused about the rules. Right now is the last batter of the game -- Jim "Big Boy" Tome, and I'm secretly hoping that it's the third strike, but don't tell :)

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