Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Running, Fire...Baseball Baseball Baseball Baseball Baseball

Do Run Run Run...
Yesterday, Dad and I found ourselves in Lemont Illinois. No we weren't there for the Cialis Western Open, but for the Lemont Freedom Run. We signed up for the 10k and got ready to run amid the horrid music (MC Hammer, again???).

Lemont, I believe, is the only hilly place in Illinois. Hilly courses mean you get the ying of the downhills but unfortunately the yang of the uphills. At the beginning of the race, I felt pretty good and ran an 8 minute mile. Then there was a problem I noticed while fumbling with my ipod. I could not feel my fingers, which is a good sign that my body's underpowered cooling system was not holding up so well. So, I pretty much bonked around mile 3 (I should have done the 5k!).

Dad did great and looked like he'd barely run. However, he had almost 15 minutes to rest before I got to the finish.

Baseball Baseball Baseball Baseball...
Apparently the White Sox play every day in Chicago, and, to my delight, it is always televised. I have given them all nicknames to make it easier (they look all the same with those white and black outfits). My favorite players are now Juan "Boo-Boo" Uribe and Brian "Puddin'head" Anderson, who is not from Wright State by the way (that would be Brian Anderson from the Royals), and Bobby "Bagga Doughnuts" Jenks. Today, we are in the top of the last inning and apparently if the Orioles don't score three runs, I will be spared the bottom half of the inning. So I am root root rooting for the White Sox and Bagga Doughnuts Jenks.

UPDATE: Bagga Doughnuts came through!!!

Famous Ancestors
Now that I am watching all this baseball, I found out that it's in my blood. We come from a long line of White Sox fans, including Captain Stubby, of Captain Stubby and the Buccaneers. He is the lead singer on the infamous White Sox Fight Song (there's a link at the bottom to the audio file).

Fire in the Sky
Batavia Fireworks were AWESOME! They had smiley-face fireworks. Coming back, we had some issues because some kid decided he had had too much holiday and held his own grandmother hostage in her house, right on the road that everyone needed to go on to go home. How inconsiderate of him to do that --didn't he know that this is the biggest traffic night of Batavia, and my Mom needed to go to work in the morning?

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