Saturday, April 23, 2005

Email lowers your IQ, and other news

Email and IQ
A British study finds that email juggling lowers your IQ. David Smith, of Hewlett Packard, states, "The research suggests that we are in danger of being caught up in a 24-hour "always on" society. This is more worrying when you consider the potential impact for workers, and the consequent impact on businesses." Duh. I can tell you being available 24x7 is expected already in many companies, especially if you are IT. So there's two parts to this: 1) workers are not productive because they are multitasking too much and 2) the corporate culture pressures employees to do this multitasking -- in fact, if you do not do email while in a meeting, you're seen as not productive. I think people forget that if you just concentrate on one thing for a while, you might actually get it completed in less time.

More on the wind
ADN finally wrote a story about the wind damage. We've got pieces of someone's roof in our yard. I'm not sure if it is ours or not because the roof is so high.

Musk Ox Poachers
Some jerks poached a musk ox herd in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, angering many. Basically, there has been a push to reintroduce musk ox to Alaska, and a new herd of 29 musk ox had migrated from the Nelson Island herd to this area of extinct volcanoes in the delta. The hope was to let the herd grow, and allow a legal hunt of the animals in a few years, helping susinance hunters in the area. These guys totally screwed up the whole thing for everyone, including themselves, as the herd's been decimated.

Hockey season is not over yet in Alaska
The Alaska Aces, our ECHL hockey team, are in the playoffs. They are still winning, despite losing their NHL star Scott Gomez to a very cheap shot in the Bakersfield matchup that they just completed. As Scott was halfway in and out of the bench, a guy checked him into the corner of the door frame, breaking parts of his pelvis. The goon says he's sorry, but good for the ECHL to officially suspend him for eight games -- it would have been better, of course, if they'd kicked him out for a stunt like that.

Weekend Activities
We are also seeing Patty Larkin tonight at the Snow Goose.

Other happenings
Anne should be finished running the Flying Pig by now. Please send her good vibes on a speedy post-marathon recovery!


subrosa said...

geesh - you're scarin' me. the marathon is next sunday. I got your messages this weekend, i'll try to get a hold of you this week. :-)

Lori said...

I know, after I saw your message about thunder over Louisville, I realized that :) I bet it was fun, I still remember Thunder the time you and I went.

subrosa said...

i have the picture of us with the river and bridge as the backdrop as part of my little picture gallery. that time was better than this time, because it had to be 40 degrees warmer, and we had excellent seats right on the river...

Anonymous said...

this is why I'm an artisty type... just thought I'd say hi... I missed my sister :P...

Lori said...

Hi Mandy -- I hear you are not only artsy, but a dark elf as well!
I miss my sister too :)

Thanks for writing!