Friday, April 22, 2005

Summer confusion

Last Wednesday, our street was covered in kids in of all ages playing. Although it was barely 50 degrees, most were wearing t-shirts and jeans. As we made dinner, I started to hear a very odd song somewhere and started searching the street for the source of the sound. There was an army green van with a little yellow police light on top with it's windows rolled down. On its side, there was plastered colorful blocks of ads. Kids and Moms were flocking to it.

Any guesses what it was?

Of course, an ice cream truck. Apparently, the ice cream trucks, like the canadian geese, have found their way back from their southern migration. This phenomenon of midwest summer was doing a pretty decent business from what I can tell, as Moms and kids all bought a decent amount of cold sweet treats, and then stood out eating them, with tshirts and jeans, in barely 50 degree weather in Anchorage, AK.

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