Friday, April 22, 2005

Windy weather

Yesterday, the radio announced one of their frequent "Wind Advisories for the Turnagain Arm and Higher Elevations". Usually, this does not apply as much to us on lower hillside, although I have seen trees bend in peculiar directions due to gusts of wind.

Last night was different. The weather stations on Klatt and Upper Hillside are down, but when I last saw them yesterday, the wind gusts around us were up to 80 mph. Oh, but they got stronger. Pieces of someone's roof (I hope it's not ours) is sitting in our yard. Our neighbor's basketball hoop was toppled, and I saw a hot tub cover fly through the air into our fence. My favorite sight, though, was the empty garbage bag flying through the air, out of sight, like a balloon. Every time these wind gusts hit, our house shook.

Get this, it didn't even make the news. This is just how it is here. Now, I can totally envision the stories that we were told of people's roofs flying off in high wind. Hopefully this does not happen to us!

If you are interested, you can check Weather Underground, which will show you weather stations around town that are online that show the gusts.

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Mary said...

Holy cow, Lori. It is 63 degrees in anchorage today! By the time I read your blog, the winds have died down according to your link.

In Chicago, it is 43 degrees and rainy. Blah.