Saturday, June 18, 2005

Bodenburg Butte Hike

Hey! Finally got the pictures up from last weekend!

On Saturday, we went hiking on Bodenburg Butte. The Butte is located around Palmer down in the Mat-Su Valley. It was a bit of a drive, but was definitely worth the trip! Basically, in the middle of this valley, there is a huge "bump" of sandstone-type rock that rises out of nowhere. The trail takes you to the top for spectacular views of the valley.

There are two entrances to Bodenburg Butte -- the one we took (the harder one) was right near a reindeer farm.

Reindeer farm in the valley near Palmer.

The view, even from a little bit up, was quite spectacular.

View of a glacier from the Butte

Pioneer Peak?
The trail goes up quite steeply -- after only a half mile, you can see the reindeer farm below.

View of the reindeer farm from the trail.

The Butte forms an entire ecosystem unlike any other in Alaska supposedly, complete with sagebrush.

More "bumps"

We did finally make it to the's worth it!

Frank and Galileo at the top

Here are some pictures of the view from the top:

Peaks and the Butte

Matanuska River

View on the way down...

On the way down, we met some people from Long Island. We spent some time visiting while Galileo got to entertain the horses.

What a nice place for horses.

Galileo-Horse encounter

The horse really liked us

Another horse wanted to visit

..and another!

Galileo LOVES the horses

If he could only get free of that leash...

Anyways, it was a great hike on a beautiful day in the valley.

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