Monday, June 27, 2005


Saturday started early, with Dad and I travelling to Geneva, IL for the Flodloppet race for Swedish days. Even at 7:15, the day was already muggy, especially for someone used to the dry Anchorage air.

Dad ran the 10k and I ran the 5k. As with many of my fellow flodlopping 5k buddies, I definitely was happy to be in the 5k race because I probably would have turned into a large puddle before the finish of the 10k.

Dad did awesome considering the heat -- he finished around 1 hour for 10K, so less than 10 min/mile. He was more adapted to the sticky 90+ weather but broke his Mp3 player during the run.

On my side, Mile 1 was great -- I ran it in 8 minutes, if you can believe it. However, that was when the heat started kicking in. By Mile 2, I was hatless, down to my sports bra, and dumping water over my head (one knows the weather is bad when I risk sun exposure to cool down :)). Whatever it was, it worked, and I won my age group! So now I am champion of the 25-29 flodloppers, and have a medal to prove it.


subrosa said...

awesome. i plan on running well into my 80s. by then, i hope to win my age group, if not by speed, by the gradual reduction in competition by time, old age, or death. ;-)

Lori said...

Ah, that's my goal too, although the problem is that you and I will continue to be in the same age group... :)

subrosa said...

curses! :-D