Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Rhubarb Madness and Other interesting Alaska Stories

Interesting news day today...

Amanda Brannon from Palmer has written the penultimate book on rhubarb. Considering the massive monster of rhubarb that we have in our side yard, perhaps we should get this book ;).

In Ketchikan, a bald eagle took a wrong turn into the window of Jean Stack's living room, leaving a mess and a salmon carcass.

The Navy has a new ferry that they want to test to move workers from Mat-Su to Anchorage over the Knik Arm. It's like a Transformer catamaran.


subrosa said...

Does this mean that you'll be making Bebopareebop Rhubarb Pie?

Lori said...

Absolutely! Although my first version did not work as well as it should. The pie ended up more like a crumble, with gobs of juice that made it slushy.

But I will be trying again!