Saturday, June 18, 2005

Flattop Hike

We also hiked Flattop last weekend, which is interesting since this was our first hike ever in Alaska.

Some things were different, of course. For example, there was still snow on the ground in many areas. Also, the fireweed and flowers we saw last July are not around yet in June.

There is still ice on the trail to flattop.

As always, I took some gratuitous pictures of flowers and vegetation along the way...

Flower along the way

Along the trail, there are great views of Anchorage and Sleeping Lady.


More snow

Strange Coleus-type plant

In order to get to the top of Flattop, there's quite a bit of scrambling that you need to do at the very end of the hike.

View to the top

Actually, I did not find it as difficult as last time. Also, unlike last time, Galileo made it all the way up (and down!).

Frank and Galileo made it!

Frank (red jacket) and Galileo looking out from Flattop

I made it to the top too -- here's proof:

Family portrait at the top

As usual, at the top I spent a lot of time taking photographs of plants. Here are a few:

Gratuitous flower shot 1

Pretty purple flowers

Picture of the mountainside. Do you see all the colors of moss and things growing on the rocks?

Another interesting plant

Art shot of yellow flowers

Purple Flower

Here's the last one:

An Alaskan Valentine?

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