Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Gardening Update

The Garden is finished! Below is photographic evidence :)

First of all, the weather has been great for gardening, albeit a bit "Seattle"-like for me. It has rained in the afternoon for most of the last few weeks. However, the rain also creates beautiful colors afterward.


First of all, the rock bed has many beautiful flowers that have appeared, seemingly out of nowhere! Here are some pictures of them:

Flowers from the rock bed

More rock bed flowers

Clearly, I like the rock bed flowers a lot :)

Now for the new garden beds! Here is the herb garden from the side. You will see that the two beds follow the slope of the yard, creating a stacked effect.

Herb garden side view

Herb garden front view

Next, we have our vegetable garden in, complete with a snake hose, pea poles, and trellises...

Vegetable Garden with snake hose on

Do you think we will have any raspberries this summer?

On to our perennial/tree beds. We planted two currant trees, one red cherry tree (of some sort -- it produces pretty pink flowers that looked great), and two "montana willow" bushes, which should do very good in the sogginess of that area of the yard. You will see that these two beds are staggered downward to accomodate the sloping lot as well.

The black currant already has a few buds on it

Cherry Tree close-up

And now, the mint garden. We decided to have a place where mint species could "duke it out" in a relatively safe environment. This bed is raised above the last two, to actually be even with the vegetable garden.

Mint Garden closeup

Here's the whole yard garden altogether:

All in all, a beautiful garden!

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Mary said...

Wow, looks like a lot of hard work went into the yard. It's beautiful.