Saturday, June 04, 2005

Hope, AK Trip

Last weekend, Frank, Galileo, and I went to Hope AK for a day trip. Hope is on the Kenai Peninsula, and is literally the end of the road. It's a very small town, although historically there was a time when Hope was well populated. The town was wiped out during the earthquake/tsunami in the 60s, so it was rebuilt away from the floodplain. Here are some pictures:

Frank and Galileo in Hope, AK

Galileo sees another dog!

The town itself was nice to see -- little shacks of houses that were historical, but not really my type of thing. We did eat at Tito's Discovery Cafe, which was really good (get the Bonanza Omelet!). After our breakfast, we went out on the Gull Rock Trail. It hugs the shoreline, and is a nice trail for a day trip.

After a bit, there is a turnoff to a little cove that was really beautiful:

Gull Rock Trail overlook

Galileo looks out at the ocean

After the overlook, one descends into a forest that reminds me of the east coast...

Fungi growing out of trees!

An Alaskan squirrel was the only wildlife we saw...

The Devil's claw is growing again...

It really was a great day to see fantastic views of the arm. Here is a shot looking back on the Seward Highway...

Looking over to the other side of the arm

Another Seward highway shot -- see the cars on the right hand corner?

Dandilions are NOT NATIVE to Alaska, but they are invading here like everywhere else in the US.

Alaskan Dandilions

It was a nice trip. Here's a shot of the Hope Road...

The Road to Hope

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