Friday, June 03, 2005

Sick and tired

Today, I am sick, or allergic to something -- I am not sure which. It has been incredibly wet here for the last few days, so it could be mold. On the other hand, I could also have a head cold. Either way, I am miserable, wandering around the house clutching Kleenex boxes.

My being under the weather is also not helped by the phone situation. My work phone, apparently, still shares the last seven digits with the Alaska Airlines' employee arrangements desk. This means that at least a few times a week, an AA employee calls, gives me their employee number, and then asks to change their flight that leaves in an hour. I point them to the real number, and suggest that they tell their friends. I have talked to Alaska Airlines about it, and they have no plans on changing their 1-800 number, even though I was here first. Agh.

To make it worse, I also get other wrong calls. Some of my favorites:
-- There is an engineering company in Florida that people think this number belongs to. So I get calls to speak to so and so.
-- ACS (a local telecom) calls with a mechanical voice to tell me that they will get to my call as soon as possible. I don't use ACS services at all.
-- Yesterday, the phone rang continuously from 7-9pm. When I picked it up, someone called Ramirez who only speaks Spanish. He kept calling eventhough I told him it was the wrong number. This morning, we finally got it straightened out -- he is an AA employee and needed his ticket changed :). I gave him the number for the AA employee desk to help him out.
-- My favorite of all calls was Randy from the Anchorage Jail. Apparently Randy was using his one phone call to call someone collect, but called my number instead. I have never been called from jail before.

So I'm tired of wrong calls, and I'm not sure what to do -- is it my number that is too easy, or are all these people just not able to dial correctly? Any ideas?

In other news...

-- Lisa Murkowski does not like the current plans for the Knik Arm bridge. Instead of doing the logical thing and bring traffic down A/C streets, she would like them to go through the Air Force base or something. I just doubt that the Air Force will want a freeway right through their base. But I could be wrong...
-- The Alaska Psychiatric Institute is almost ready! The way that they describe the place, it almost makes you want to go there...

-- The food review this week is for El Paisa, which is run out of a van somewhere along Old Seward. Apparently it is very good. I would try it this weekend, but from the review the owner drives around during the weekends, so I am not sure where I would find El Paisa.

You might think it's weird that there are restaurants being run out of vans here. I think it's a bit weird as well. However, in a place where coffee shops are tiny sheds sitting in parking lots and empty lots, I can see how this type of business can do well.

Anyways, have a good weekend!

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